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Point Jupiter is a professional UX design and software development agency with a global reach. We position ourselves as our client's partners who deliver meaningful value and tangible results.

Open positions

Come as you are. We are looking for smart, driven, ambitious professionals interested in making a meaningful impact.

Point Jupiter careers

WordPress Web Developer

We are looking for an experienced WordPress web developer to join the Point Jupiter team. We offer exciting projects and tech, a great team, and more.

Point Jupiter careers

Frontend Web Developer

We are looking for a frontend web developer to join the team in our Zagreb office. We offer exciting projects and tech, a competitive salary, and more.

Point Jupiter careers

Backend Web Developer

We are looking for a backend web developer to join the team in our Zagreb office. Exciting projects and tech, great colleagues and a competitive salary are here for you.

Why work at PJ?

Our perks and benefits are competitive and attractive. With us, you get to love your job and be handsomely awarded.

You are naturally curious and looking forward to solving challenges? You take great pride in being able to learn and share your knowledge? Tech runs deep in your veins?

We would love to work with you.

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Job perks

Job perk - Global projects

Ability to work on global and challenging projects

Our clients are from all around the world and live and work on all continents. Antarctica included! We solve some of the world’s interesting challenges and learn a lot while doing that.

Job perk - Competitive salary

Competitive salary

We know that money can’t buy everything, but we also know that you are valuable, that your skills are appreciated and we want to make sure we treat you fairly when it comes to your salary.

Job perk - Christmas and Easter bonuses plus Kid Cash

Christmas and Easter bonuses plus Kid Cash

For your loyalty we will reward you with additional Christmas and Easter bonuses. If you have kids, we have some “kid cash” for them as well. The more, the merrier.

Job perk - Generous holidays

Generous holidays

Depending on how long you have been with us and your seniority, we offer generous paid holidays. It is never less than 20 days plus about a dozen or so state and religious holidays. Even if you are a student-worker or an intern.

Job perk - Bleeding for the greater good

Bleeding for the greater good

You can earn some extra paid holidays if you donate your blood. We encourage all the people who are able to do so do donate their blood and, in many cases, help save lives!

Job perk - Team gatherings

Team gatherings

Couple of times during a year we escape from our office and spend several days together where we socialize, cook and BBQ together, explore, sing or just enjoy great outdoors. The last place we visited was the incredible island of Vis in Croatia!

Job perk - Learn and earn

Learn and earn

Every week you have 4 hours you can spend on your own education and it is paid as a part of your regular employment. If some of the learning resource cost actual money, we will cover the reasonable costs.

Job perk - Additional health insurance

Additional health insurance

Other than the full medical coverage that comes as a part of your regular employment with us, we offer you additional health insurance. This is one of those benefits we hope you never need to use, but in case you do - we got you covered!

Job perk - Working on quality equipment

Working on quality equipment

Tools make the (wo)man and we want to be sure you get to work on quality equipment. Depending on your job role, this will include MacBook Pros or equivalent laptops. Also, phones.

Job perk - Join us, see the world

Join us, see the world

Sometimes we get to go places and help our clients or attend events in different cities, countries or even continents. Point Jupiter covers your real costs and you get to learn, work and explore at the same time.

Job perk - Working from home

Working from home

We get it - from time to time you need to wait for that plumber to come and fix your leaking pipes. Or your kid gets sick. Or you are feeling under the weather. We offer flexibility and you can work from home.

Job perk - Contributing to open source community

Contributing to open source community

We believe in open software ecosystem. We even completely open-sourced our own website and continue to make contributions to the community. If you like this idea, we will encourage you!

Job perk - We love pets

We love pets

If you want to bring your dog to work with you, feel free to do so. We are pet-friendly and we will try to accomodate to your furry buddies.

Job perk - Skills exchange

Skills exchange

You learned something and want to share it with your coworkers? Feel free to engage in our in-house skills-exchange activities. Interested in bringing a speaker from outside of our team? Let us know, maybe we can work it out!

Job perk - Fresh fruit, tea, milk, coffee and snacks

Fresh fruit, tea, milk, coffee and snacks

Need to make a break? Have an apple. Or drink some juice. Or discuss your next project idea with your coworkers over some coffee and tea. We will make sure that supplies never run out, and you can request we get some just for you!