Backend Web Developer

We are hiring an experienced Backend Web Developer to join our web development team in Zagreb, Croatia.

This position supports full remote working, hybrid, or work from our office in Zagreb, Croatia. It’s up to you, Point Jupiter will support you.

About Point Jupiter

You will be joining a growing and excellent team of other frontend and backend developers, UX and UI designers, PMs, QAs, and execs. Point Jupiter develops and designs solutions for our worldwide clients in various industries. Projects we work on include web, and progressive web apps, mobile solutions, distributed systems, and we are actively exploring opportunities related to AI and ML.

Projects envisioned, designed, developed, and delivered by our teammates are in use on all continents, and more than 400 million users used or interacted in some way with some of our solutions.

However, we also enjoy working with exciting startups moving the boundaries of what is possible in fintech, retail, education, travel, banking, e-learning, and many other industries.

You can check out some of our work here.

About you

Our next backend web developer

Point Jupiter is looking for an ambitious and motivated backend web developer who is happy to explore various projects and types of work we deliver to our clients.

Most of our backend stack revolves around Node.js (TypeScript) and Go, but we are actively experimenting with other technologies – like Elixir, for example. If you are looking for a place where you will be appreciated for both your personal and professional qualities and where your work is meaningful and truly matters – we’d love to welcome you to Point Jupiter.

We are building a next-generation conversational interface funded by the European Commission. We’d love to have you onboard and help us take it from the concept to actual implementation.

Your team will be there to support you – frontend devs, UX and UI designers, CTO, PM, CEO – we all care about you and your growth.

Your skills should include the following:

  • you have at least 2-3 years of experience, but we are also interested in hiring senior devs
  • knowledge of and familiarity with Google Cloud (and/or AWS, Azure, Heroku…)
  • familiarity with Redis and PostgreSQL
  • experience working with graph databases and related technologies is a huge plus
  • familiarity with RESTful APIs, but if you are familiar with alternatives like GraphQL – that’s a plus
  • experience and familiarity working with Git and code versioning principles
  • if you have experience using tools and technologies like Rasa, Grakn, knowledge graphs, NLP, and chatbots – you are an excellent match for this job
  • excellent knowledge of English (spoken, written)
  • open-minded, challenge-seeking, and eager to learn from other colleagues but also on your own
  • we value your soft skills – read more about them in our blog post What are the soft skills for developers?

What can we offer you?

Meaningful work with impactful results

Our higher ideal is work that makes sense, challenges you intellectually, and consistently creates meaningful value.

Excellent work/life balance

There’s a world outside of the office. We’ll make sure you’ll have time to enjoy it.

Additional health insurance

Nothing in life is as valuable as your health — we get that. So, don’t worry if you accidentally hurt yourself during your “Hold my beer” moment, we got you!

Team gatherings

Coming together, reimaging our team and company, and having a great time while exploring Croatia and beyond.

Home or office

It’s up to you, really. Work from your home, work from our office, or do a little bit of both.

Delicious meals, fruits, and snacks

Some food is food for thought. And some food is a bit more tangible. We make sure we provide you with plenty of both. Nourishment all around.

A new family member?

Families come in all shapes and sizes. If you get a child or adopt one, we will support you financially. ❤️

Christmas bonuses, and gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And we are trying to make it even more festive and special.

Professional development path

Your growth is as important to us as it is to you. We offer a personalized and professional development plan, with unlimited support at each step.

Learn and earn

We dedicate four hours every week to education and improvement. That’s why we are looking for curious minds.

Generous holiday policy

You need to rest and recharge. We’ll make sure you have plenty of time and opportunity to do so.


“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

That’s why we make sure you can spend more time with them.

… and more

Come as you are

We are an equal opportunity employer valuing your goals and results. We strive to be inclusive and welcoming. You can check out our Diversity policy, and we are open to your feedback.

When hiring, we live by our motto #ComeAsYouAre. Your skin color, gender, education level, veteran or social status, your religion – or absence of it – don’t make a difference at Point Jupiter. Even your big-shot dad or political connections will not mean much here.

Your values, dedication, motivation, work ethics, and professionalism are the only things that matter at Point Jupiter.

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