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Point Jupiter is a professional UX design and software development agency with a global reach. We position ourselves as our client's partners who deliver meaningful value and tangible results.


Point Jupiter was founded in 2017, but Its founders and some of the core team members have been working together for almost a decade, creating professional and sophisticated software solutions and designs for clients like Microsoft, IBM, Vodafone, T-Mobile, World Economic Forum, and hundreds more.

Our clients expect and get world-class development and design services and benefit from our professional experience. Our team envisioned, designed, and developed solutions used by more than 400 million users worldwide spanning from the web and mobile apps, enterprise solutions, distributed systems, and complex product development services. Chances are - you used some of them.

Today we offer high-quality software (web and app) development services, UX/UI design, and usability with consulting services. We enjoy working with large firms (many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies), but we also cherish working with ambitious and exciting startups. We love challenges and solving problems for our clients spanning various industries ranging from tech, healthcare, fintech, government, and media all the way to travel, gaming, hospitality, retail, and telcos.


These are our values - they guide our professional conduct but also inspire us even beyond our own individual actions.

In our work and approach, we are, first and foremost, professionals. Solutions we build, ideas we envision and experiences we create are driven by our goal of delivering meaningful value. When working with you, our clients, we are helpful and reliable. When building our own culture, we encourage creativity and a can-do attitude! And when we consider our broader environment, we are responsible business citizens of our homeland and world at large. Aware of the fact that every day and every new situation is a unique experience and an opportunity to learn, we stay humble and open-minded.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to become a leader in digital product design and development, with delivery across all platforms and touchpoints.

Our mission is to meaningfully help our clients achieve their goals in all things digital.

We achieve that by positioning ourselves as problem solvers who are not here to simply build a product based on a specification - instead, we will test, measure, learn, and offer solutions, ideas, and insights. You will be able to rely on us as creative, reliable, and professional partners, not just vendors.

Our team

Get to know us. See who are the people creating beautiful code and designs. Come as you are and join us!

Vibor Cipan

Vibor Cipan


David Jelić

David Jelić


Point Jupiter was founded by Vibor Cipan (currently serving as the CEO) and David Jelić (CTO). Before founding Point Jupiter, Cipan successfully ran a full-service UX design and usability agency - UX Passion for 7 years, which he founded after leaving his post at Microsoft. Jelić also worked at UX Passion, where he met Cipan and was instrumental in building the complete technical infrastructure and setting the solid foundations of the entire development process and team.

However, the success of Point Jupiter and our clients is dependant on the entire team comprised of software engineers, UX and UI designers and architects, usability experts, project managers, consultants, and administrative support.

If you are looking to join our team, check out Careers at Point Jupiter.

Press and media

Our brand is how we convey who we are and what we stand for. Here you can find our brand assets.

For all press and media inquiries, please contact us via press@pointjupiter.com email address. To book us and invite us for your events as speakers or mentors, please, reach out to events@pointjupiter.com - we are often invited as speakers and mentors worldwide and maybe we will see you at your next event!

Our logos in PNG, PDF and SVG format are available in different arrangements.

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