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Our services and our process at a glance

Point Jupiter is a professional UX design and software development agency with a global reach. We position ourselves as our client's partners who deliver meaningful value and tangible results.


From web and app development to advanced AI/ML solutions and consulting, our services encapsulate our expertise.

Service - Web and app development
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Web and app development

  • Web apps and websites
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Distributed systems and databases
  • Architecture and deployment

The modern web and app development is evolving rapidly. Even the boundaries between mobile apps and web apps are getting blurrier as we speak. As a team, we see this as an opportunity, and we develop scalable, flexible, and professional solutions across different digital platforms (web, mobile, desktop, IoT...). Using modern architectures, software design patterns, and methodologies, we make sure that every one of our projects is - your success story.

Service - UX and UI design
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UX and UI design

  • Web and mobile design
  • Prototyping
  • Customer journeys
  • Branding and visual language

User experience and user needs are the pinnacles of our design approach. With over a decade of team experience in envisioning and designing digital experience for all platforms, we craft smart, usable, and profitable experiences. Wireframes, interactive prototypes, customer journeys, A/B testing, cognitive walkthrough, visual design, and design language creation - we are here to help and facilitate. Our UX and UI design capabilities have helped companies and more than 400 million of their users.

Service - Usability, research and testing
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Usability, research and testing

  • Expert usability audits
  • Heuristic audits
  • Accessibility
  • User research and testing

Digital solutions do not exist in a vacuum. They are here to address the real, actual user needs. Usability and user research is a centerpiece of all our design and development efforts, and we rely on it during all product development phases - from the initial discovery and design, through the development and even after the actual deployment and delivery. We are strong user advocates, and we thrive on being able to make sure your products are intuitive and easy to use.

Service - Strategy and consulting
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Strategy and consulting

  • Digital product strategy
  • Discovery workshops
  • Service and design thinking
  • Growth marketing

We are happy to share our distilled expertise and collective experience, run workshops and deliver training, and even come up with your next digital product strategy playbook. Fortune 500 companies trusted us with their product development and design strategy. Exciting and ambitious startups rose above their competition and secured funding thanks to our experience and consulting. Governments asked for our guidance with their digital transformation efforts. Consistently - we delivered.

Service - Emerging technologies
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Emerging technologies

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented and virtual reality

We do not care about the buzzwords. However, we do care about the value of artificial intelligence, machine learning, the blockchain, internet of things, or augmented reality. We help our clients harness the potential of these and other emerging technologies and bring actual, tangible results. Our AI and ML models are running some of the worlds sophisticated financial platforms, crisis management solutions, and even weather prediction systems.


We call our process 4D - where each D stands for a specific stage of the process. Discover. Design. Develop. Deliver.









Process steps

"Discover" is the initial phase where we are getting to know you, your expectations, business environment, competitive landscape, and overall project goals. In this phase, we might run a discoverability workshop with you and project stakeholders to achieve robust alignment and understanding from the get-go.

"Design" is the step where we will start with the prototyping, numerous and agile iterations, working to understand and develop the information architecture, design of interactions, and all other components of UX design. Lastly, we will create a visual design approach and language, making sure that your solution looks and feels exactly how it needs to look and feel to maximize your investment. "Design" also includes the design of databases, overall software architecture, setting up development workflow and environment, and more.

"Develop" is informed by the results of the first two phases and, in many cases, initial infrastructure and architecture groundwork is already laid down during the "Design" step. Deliverables from the previous stage are often used as a technical specification and guidance for developers. We also appreciate the fact that "Design" and "Develop" phases are closely related and rarely perfectly linear - therefore, our designers and developers are sitting together, iterating and making sure we deliver.

"Deliver" is the final phase of our process. It includes project hand-off, documentation delivery, server and deployment infrastructure delivery, and testing. We will setup needed deployment environments, analytics, tracking, logging, and reporting capabilities so we can track and follow further project development and growth. This phase is often an actual start of the project maintenance or new development cycle, so you can consider our process to be circular in many circumstances.


We work with clients from various industries. We developed strong relationships and deep expertise in these.

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