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Point Jupiter is a professional UX design and software development agency with a global reach. We position ourselves as our client's partners who deliver meaningful value and tangible results.


Here is the selection of our work. See what we did and how we delivered tangible results to our clients.

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Twiplomacy is a website that follows world leaders on social media. Would you like to know who the 5th most influential world leader on Twitter is? Twiplomacy has your answer.
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Case Twiplomacy
Internet of things

Project description

We worked on implementing a new state of the art face recognition software to McDonald’s digital kiosks to improve usability and delight users.
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Case McDonald's
Mobile app

Project description

Vodafone Ringback tone is an Android app that can surprise users callers by playing them their favorite song. See how it works.
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Case Vodafone

Project description

We worked on designing and developing digital education content for the Chemistry and Biology. Project involved cooperation with dozens of experts from various fields of work.
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From web and app development to advanced AI/ML solutions and consulting, our services encapsulate our expertise.

Service - UX/UI Design
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UX/UI Design

Understanding user needs and translating them to extraordinary experiences and interfaces.

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Service - Web and app development
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Web and app development

Modern architectures and tech - we make sure that our projects are - your success stories.

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Service - Usability, research and testing
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Usability, research and testing

Digital solutions do not exist in a vacuum. They are here to address the real, actual user needs.

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Service - Emerging tech
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Emerging tech

We are not into buzzwords like AI or ML. We are into delivering value from those advances to you.

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Service - Strategy
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Strategy and consulting

Design sprint & product dev strategy workshops, UX & tech consulting - are the backbone of our strategy offering.

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Service - Our process
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Our process

4D - Discover. Design. Develop. Deliver. A decade of our team experience helped us deliver a rock-solid process.

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To our clients - we are their partners in success. To us - they are our inspiration, motivation, and driving force.



Matthias Leufkens

“I have been working with Point Jupiter for several years now on a number of projects. They have designed, built and maintained the Twiplomacy website. What I really like about working with the Point Jupiter team is their reactivity almost 24/7. Even if it involves all-night shifts, the work will get done on time.”

Govinda Quish

“The Point Jupiter team has made invaluable contributions to the application, full stack, and marketing/website development at Talagent. The team is highly professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Vitaly Friedman

“It’s fantastic to work with people who are reliable, passionate, professional and who love building a good quality product. Our experience with the team has always been outstanding, and whenever problems occurred, they were solved quickly and reliably. A good team, with a good spirit for good quality work.”

Julian Oehrlein

“We love how the team members working on our cloud-based core banking system take time and a lot of effort to understand and put themselves in the position of our users. This and their quick understanding of the different requirements helps them to come up with the perfect solution for each situation our customers face.”

Toni Frankola

“We worked with Point Jupiter on a complete redesign of our corporate and product-based websites. As they are experts in user-experience design and WordPress, our choice was simple, and I’d gladly recommend them. Additionally, we have implemented a number of measurable actions and set conversion targets, and we are continuing our close work with Point Jupiter to make sure our goals are met.”


We write about software development, business, user experience and usability, and even more. Check us out.

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