Encountering truth, transparency, and coupling in business

Recently, I read a book from Malcolm Gladwell and today I want to share some of my observations on how some of his concepts are applicably in my line of […]

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A year in review: What was 2022 like for Point Jupiter
Company culture

With almost a month and a half deep in 2023, our CEO reflects on what 2022 was for Point Jupiter, and what will 2023 mean for Point Jupiter.

8 min read
Top usability testing mistakes and how to avoid them

What are the most common usability testing mistakes? In this post we explore common user testing mistakes and share our tips for avoiding them.

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Our CEO talks to Website Planet about Point Jupiter’s mission, our history, and coming plans

Website Planet‘s Marko Velimirovic had the opportunity to interview Vibor Cipan, CEO of Point Jupiter. We discussed how the company developed, what is its mission, and how Vibor envisions the future of the industry.

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Blockchain Toolkit for Dubai Future Foundaton

We designed and developed a Blockchain technology toolkit explaining its usage in various contexts for the Dubai Future Foundation.

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What is remote-first, and how did Point Jupiter switch to it
Company culture

Point Jupiter is a remote-first company. Here are some of our experiences and why we switched from remote-friendly to remote-first working and how you could do it too.

12 min read
Our new website and brand are here
Company culture

For months we've been working on redefining what Point Jupiter is. What do we stand for, and how do we embrace the future ahead of us. Today, we are proudly presenting our new website and branding.

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