We developed a website that tracks world influential leaders’ Twitter and other social media accounts.

Twiplomacy is a website that follows world leaders on social media. Would you like to know who the 5th most influential world leader on Twitter is? Twiplomacy has your answer.

Twiplomacy is a website that follows world leaders on social media. Would you like to know who the 5th most influential world leader on Twitter is? Twiplomacy has your answer.

About the client

Our client, Burson Cohn & Wolfe, is a leading global public relations and communication company. It builds and sustains strong corporate and brand reputations. They offer their clients strategic insights and innovative programming, together with expert counseling and program development across the spectrum of public relations, public affairs, reputation and crisis management, digital strategy, advertising, and other communications services. This time, we teamed up in the arena of social media and digital diplomacy.


world leaders covered in the studies


studies published throughout the years


years as an industry-leading website covering world leaders

1 terabyte

of data analyzed every month

About the project

The goal of the project was to refresh and modernize the Twiplomacy website. We worked together with our client on recognizing the critical features of the old site and coming up with a new set of features that should improve the overall interest of the website.

A powerful backend tool for handling and updating thousands of data points along with implementing the map and the ranking system were the starting points of the project.

Usability improvements

The first step of the project was to look for ideas on how we could enhance the user experience.

Introducing the map

The original website had poor content discoverability. Most of the content was hidden and accessible only through the website navigation. Placing a huge interactive world map on the homepage improved the overall discoverability of the content – which could now be reached by clicking on the map area.

Creating interest and buzz

Why not introduce the competitive aspects to world leaders on social media? That’s exactly what we did! Being at the top of the ranking on a category is sure to be turning heads and getting a retweet or a mention from a particular world leader.


Navigating through all of the continents and countries required multi-level navigation. The mega menu was the perfect solution.

Design direction

The design needed to evolve within the limits of the existing brand — evolution, rather than the revolution.

Infographic style

Twiplomacy had a long history of using infographic style to display their studies. We decided to expand that style on the website. Vibrant and exciting visual elements and details add to the overall interest of the website.

Dev magic

In addition to the usual website frontend efforts, we crafted a social media aggregator on the backend side.

Social media agregator

In the process of building the Twiplomacy website, there was a need to gather social media posts in real-time if possible, from multiple social networks. To accomplish this, we made a service called Post aggregator, which allows us to subscribe and track any number of users and receive new post updates and push them to the client. This solution suits us really well, and we used it a couple of times on other projects.

I have been working with Point Jupiter for several years now on a number of projects. They have designed, built, and maintained the Twiplomacy website. What I really like about working with the Point Jupiter team is their reactivity almost 24/7. Even if it involves all-night shifts, the work will get done on time.

Matthias Luefkens

Managing Director/BCW Global


Clicks don’t lie. We aim for metrics that can confirm our work and guide future efforts.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in daily pageviews


Increase in daily time on site

Services utilized

Web development

  • frontend development
  • backend development
  • accessibility
  • user research and testing

Website strategy

  • client workshop
  • research
  • platform architecture

UX & UI design

  • information architecture
  • user personas
  • user experience
  • prototyping
  • UI design

Quality assurance

  • performance testing
  • functionality testing

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