Vodafone Ringback tone app that plays callers their favorite songs.

Surprise callers by playing their favorite tunes or a personalized message — ringback tone technology for Android phones.

Vodafone Ringback tone is an Android app that can surprise users callers by playing them their favorite song. See how it works.

About the client

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications companies providing a wide range of services to both consumer and enterprise customers. They offer Mobile, Fixed, and TV to their consumer customers and are an industry leader in IoT, delivering cloud, security, and carrier services to enterprise customers.

They differentiate themselves from the competitors through continued investments in network infrastructure on a global scale and excellent customer experience.


years present on the telecom market


countries where Vodafone owns and operates networks


customers around the world


countries where Vodafone has partner networks

About the project

The project goal was to introduce Ringback tone technology to the end-users of the Vodafone services. The only considered platform at that time was the Android application, so that is what we focused on.

The app itself had two main functionalities, users could buy and set their chosen song as the dedicated Ringback tone, or they could simply record a message and surprise their callers that way. Or both. Find out more in the full case below.

Fun features

During the client workshops, we developed several fun features – that act as a hook for the end-users.

Delight and entertain

Users can choose a song to delight their callers with and assign it to one or all of their callers.

Record your message

Users can record a 5-second message and assign it to a caller, it can be just the recording or a combination of a recording and a song.

Even add voice filters

Users can choose Voice filters – another fun option in the app, and they can choose between them and surprise their callers even more. To delight their callers with and assign it to one or all of their callers.

User flows

Each app has a few primary user flows, sometimes called the red routes. The red route experience must be seamless.


Choose between three assigned options, All callers, Groups, or individual callers


Assign a song and/or a voice message


Prelisten caller experience


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Services utilized

Project strategy

  • client workshop
  • research
  • defining MVP
  • feature set

UX & UI design

  • information architecture
  • user personas
  • user experience
  • prototyping
  • UI design

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