The importance of having a dedicated project manager in an agency

Discover why a dedicated project manager is a game-changer in any digital project. Learn how Point Jupiter utilizes in-house and client-side PMs for optimal results. From quality control to client satisfaction, see the tangible benefits of this approach

Explore the importance of having a dedicated project manager in digital projects. We explain how PMs add value in quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.


Project management is the backbone of any successful digital endeavor. It’s not just about ticking off tasks; it’s about orchestrating an entire show that runs on creativity, technology, and deadlines. 

Point Jupiter takes this seriously — every major project we take on, be it UX/UI design, web development, or some of our AI/ML projects, benefits from the vigilant oversight of a dedicated project manager (PM). 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore why having a PM is essential for your projects and how it brings value to both the agency and clients.

What does a dedicated project manager do?

Imagine you’re building a complex structure. It’s easy to get lost in the intricacies, but someone needs to oversee the entire operation to make sure it goes up without a hitch. 

In a digital project, the project manager is that overseer.

PMs synchronize multiple teams, manage client expectations, and adapt to real-time changes. 

They synchronize multiple teams, manage client expectations, and adapt to real-time changes. 

  • Project managers make sure that communication flows smoothly, acting as a liaison between the client and internal teams. 
  • Additionally, they also plan out the project, breaking down complex tasks into milestones and deliverables. 
  • Most importantly, they are responsible for the execution, ensuring that everyone has what they need to meet deadlines and maintain quality.

The tangible benefits to your projects

You can think of a project manager as the maestro of an orchestra. While each musician is an expert in their instrument, it takes a maestro to bring everyone together in harmony. 

  • With a project manager on board, resources are allocated efficiently, allowing specialists to focus on their expertise without getting sidetracked by logistics or coordination. 
  • This saves time, leading to a quicker time-to-market. 
  • Additionally, the PM’s holistic view of the project allows them to identify inconsistencies or bottlenecks before they escalate, ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Value to agency and clients: A two-way street

Project management is not a one-sided affair. For Point Jupiter, having a dedicated PM means streamlined processes and standard-setting for project execution. 

For our clients, the benefits are even more pronounced.

  • Predictable outcomes become the norm. The client isn’t left guessing what comes next or when. 
  • They can expect a structured workflow with clear communication, a single point of contact in the PM, making the entire process more streamlined. 
  • The assurance of quality control at every stage also minimizes the risk of receiving subpar work.
PMs are a value to the agency and clients: A two-way street

Keeping the momentum — and stakeholders — going

An excellent project manager keeps the project sailing smoothly towards its destination. 

  • They keep stakeholders engaged, ensuring that everyone, from the client to the junior designer, knows what’s happening. 
  • They are also experts in risk management, spotting potential hurdles before they become roadblocks. 
  • And let’s not forget opportunity recognition. A good PM will see if there’s room for improvement or additional features that can be included without derailing the project.
A good PM will see if there's room for improvement or additional features that can be included without derailing the project.

Smoother transitions between phases and teams

Moving from the design phase to the development stage is much like a relay race. The baton must be passed smoothly to keep up the pace. 

A project manager ensures this smooth handover between phases. 

  • They coordinate transitions to make sure that nothing is lost or misinterpreted along the way. 
  • PMs work closely with QA teams to ensure that each component is up to quality benchmarks, providing quality assurance
  • This multi-stage overview also helps in ensuring customer satisfaction, as the end product is likely to meet or exceed expectations.

Working with in-house and client-side dedicated project managers

At Point Jupiter, each of our major projects is paired with a dedicated in-house project manager, a practice we hold in high regard. 

We recognize that some clients already have their own project management team in place and may wish to continue with that setup. 

While it’s common for agencies to step back and let the client’s project manager take the lead, we are happy with a collaborative approach that involves a project manager on the client’s side or a dedicated stakeholder with a similar level of expertise and responsibility.

In that case, our in-house project manager works in sync with your team’s PM to ensure that the project sails smoothly. And we see that as a source of possible project improvements. 

The following sections list several of those areas.

Alignment with internal workflows

Having an in-house project manager ensures that internal processes and standards are maintained throughout the project. 

While your project manager may excel in aligning with your business objectives, our PM makes sure that our in-house teams are equally aligned.

This forms a cohesive dual leadership structure that serves as a bridge between both parties.

Expertise in digital projects

Our project managers are specialized in digital projects encompassing UX, UI, and web development, among other areas. 

Their expertise allows them to anticipate challenges specific to digital projects and provide solutions even before they become a problem. Combining this specialization with the broader oversight your project manager brings can lead to a project that is not just completed but excels in quality.

Risk mitigation

Two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to identifying potential risks. 

While your project manager may focus on broader business risks, our PMs concentrate on project-specific risks, ensuring that timelines are met, the scope is controlled, and quality is not compromised. 

This dual layer of vigilance acts as an additional safety net for the project.

Accountability and quality control

Having an in-house PM adds an extra layer of accountability and quality control

They’re not just ensuring that our team meets your expectations but are also responsible for internal quality benchmarks. 

With a project manager on both ends, double-checking occurs at every phase, ensuring a higher standard of work.

Cultural and procedural fluency

Every organization has its unique culture and procedures. An in-house PM is steeped in our agency’s ways of doing things, ensuring that internal resources are utilized optimally. 

At the same time, your PM ensures that the project aligns with your company’s culture and objectives. The melding of these two perspectives creates a more harmonious and effective work environment.

Project management is a billable discipline

After understanding the collaborative advantage of having an in-house project manager, even when you’ve got your own, the next logical question revolves around the cost. 

At Point Jupiter, we include project management as a billable component in every significant project, whether as dedicated hours or as a fee, depending on the pricing model

Here’s why this practice not only stands to reason but is also a substantial value-add for the client.

Operational efficiency

With a dedicated PM, the project sails smoother. Team members know their tasks, deadlines are met, and roadblocks are cleared before they even become issues. 

The time saved here translates into financial benefits, both for the agency and the client.

Quality control

Project managers are the quality gatekeepers in the project’s life cycle. They make sure all deliverables meet the agreed-upon standards. 

Poor quality can be costly to fix later, so consider this an upfront investment in reducing potential rework.

Risk management

From mitigating project risks to foreseeing market risks, a project manager adds a layer of security to your investment. 

This proactive approach saves money that might otherwise be lost to unforeseen challenges.

Client satisfaction

A project manager ensures that not only is the project executed according to plan, but also that stakeholders are kept in the loop. This open communication line prevents misunderstandings that could delay a project and add unnecessary costs.

In summary, we see project management as an integral part of the service package, not an optional add-on. 

A client who understands the value of having a dedicated PM is likely as committed to the project’s success as we are. 

So when you see a line item for project management in our proposal, know that it’s there to ensure the project delivers on every front — quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.

So when you see a line item for dedicated project managemer in our proposal, know that it's there to ensure the project delivers on every front — quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Why does Point Jupiter value project management?

It’s clear that for Point Jupiter, project management is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. It’s an investment into the integrity of the work process, the quality of the deliverables, and, most importantly, client satisfaction.

If you’re seeking an agency that understands the indispensable value of professional project management, consider Point Jupiter. We invite you to reach out and experience how a dedicated project manager can revolutionize your next digital project.

Let’s create something exceptional, together!

Let’s create something exceptional, together!