How to achieve seamless collaboration between designers and developers

Looking to improve the collaboration between your designers and developers? This article provides the essential steps and best practices, backed by Point Jupiter’s years of experience, ensuring a seamless design-to-development handoff.

10 min read
Complete guide to agency pricing models and engagement models

Discover the key factors in choosing the right pricing model for your agency or project. From hourly rates to performance-based models, we break down the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

10 min read
The importance of having a dedicated project manager in an agency

Explore the importance of having a dedicated project manager in digital projects. We explain how PMs add value in quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

11 min read
Digital transformation insights, recommendations and lessons learned from the RCK RECEPT project

Elevate your digital transformation in education and hospitality. Discover lessons and strategies from Point Jupiter's collaboration with Catering School Opatija.

12 min read
Guide: How to maximize fundraising in 2023 with mobile-friendly websites

Dive into 2023 with a refreshed approach to fundraising – mobile optimization. As mobile usage skyrockets, your organization's ability to attract and retain donors hinges on providing a seamless mobile experience. Here’s what matters and what you need to know!

8 min read
Unveiling the power of project management gatherings: Fueling innovation at Point Jupiter

Explore the transformative impact of project management gatherings in driving innovation and success at Point Jupiter, revealing potential for global outreach and continuous learning.

16 min read

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