Our CEO talks to Website Planet about Point Jupiter’s mission, our history, and coming plans

Recently, we’ve been invited to an interview for Website Planet.

Point Jupiter logo

Let’s talk about Point Jupiter

In a discussion with Website Planet’s Marko Velimirović, our CEO, Vibor Cipan, answered Marko’s questions. In addition, they discussed what Point Jupiter is all about and what’s our story.

Our technology vision

When asked about our story and why we even started the company, Vibor shares one of our strongest convictions.

We have always believed that the purpose of technology is to serve humanity — to make our lives better, our communities stronger, and businesses empowered. Only then will it enable everyone to fulfill their true potential

Vibor Cipan, CEO of Point Jupiter

The future of the IT industry

Marko and Vibor talked about our mission, our customers, and how we see our industry’s future.

“IT, as in industry in general, will continue to be one of the main catalysts of GDP growth globally. We are just starting to tap into the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Web3 will likely find its meaningful applications soon. Another overlooked area of potential growth is integrated public services (national, regional, local) offered by governments.

By saving time and improving trustworthiness and reliability, those changes will affect the perception of governments and society. It’s an opportunity we must not ignore!” — Vibor concluded.

Check out the full interview at Website Planet!