Point Jupiter sees user experience design and user interface design as valuable tools for communicating and delivering values. We envision, design, and provide excellent user experiences. Point Jupiter crafts and designs usable and intuitive user interfaces for all platforms. We implement our work on mobile, web, desktop, and even emerging platforms. We also do a lot of user research and usability studies. Be it expert usability audits (reviews), testing with users, conducting focus groups, or ethnographic research – we put users in the center.

The ultimate UX and UI guide to designing cards for the web

The ultimate UX and UI guide to card design for the web

How to design cards for websites and web apps? Our design lead created this ultimate UX and UI guide for card design for the web. Dive deep and explore how to design cards for web (and mobile) in our in-depth tutorial and guide.

How to design UI for beginners, experts, and intermediates - Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How to design UI for beginners, experts, and intermediates?

How do we design UI and UX for beginners, intermediates or experts? People advance through their skill spectrum and we need to accommodate it.

Mental, implementation and representation models in UX and development - photo by Marianne Bos

UX mental model, implementation and represented models in UX

In UX (user experience) design and development, 3 models are critical: mental, implementation, and representation models. Read all about them.

Highest Fidelity Prototype Ever

How to build highest fidelity prototype. Ever.

Sometimes you need high fidelity in your prototypes. But in this case, we needed extremely high fidelity, and it included programming in R.

What is participatory design and what makes it so great? hoto by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Participatory design: What is and what makes it so great?

We explore what is participatory design, and what exactly makes it such a great practice in usability research. We share tips and insights.

The best questions for usability testing. Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash.

Best Questions for Usability Testing – What to Ask

Best questions for usability testing are honest, direct, and help you get the most out of the usability testing session. Here are our favorites.