Mentoring is my way of giving back to our community
Company culture

There are almost countless ways to give back to your community, co-workers, partners, friends, and family. One of my favorite ways of giving back to our community is through mentoring. My definition of mentoring: Mentoring is giving back.

6 min read
What is an all-hands meeting and how to run one?
Company culture

What is an all-hands meeting and how to run one? Learn from our experiences, tips, sample agenda, and ideas for your all-hands meeting.

6 min read
COVID-19 and remote working: Our experiences and tips
Company culture

Our project manager, Aida, explores and shares her experiences about COVID-19 and remote working. Read our COVID-19 and remote working tips.

5 min read
How to design UI for beginners, experts, and intermediates?

How do we design UI and UX for beginners, intermediates or experts? People advance through their skill spectrum and we need to accommodate it.

8 min read
UX mental model, implementation and represented models in UX

In UX (user experience) design and development, 3 models are critical: mental, implementation, and representation models. Read all about them.

5 min read
Talking in English in the office made me feel more confident
Company culture

We gave it a try - we would speak in English, three days a week, in our design team. Here's what we learned from this experience.

2 min read

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