What are Core Web Vitals and how to measure them?

Core Web Vitals are metrics related to page load speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. Learn about them and how to measure them.

5 min read
How to build highest fidelity prototype. Ever.

Sometimes you need high fidelity in your prototypes. But in this case, we needed extremely high fidelity, and it included programming in R.

11 min read
Point Jupiter at GEW: Mapping UX and customer journeys
Company culture

How do you map user experiences and what is the customer journey? Our Design Lead and CEO delivered lecture and workshop at GEW 2019 in Split.

2 min read
Point Jupiter announced is the winner of the global agency award
Company culture

We are happy to announce that Point Jupiter is selected as one of the leading UX design agencies globally, and a leading agency in Croatia.

1 min read
On the road again: Going to INIT Conf in Banja Luka
Company culture

The Point Jupiter dev team is on the road again. Now we are off to INIT Conf in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let's grab a drink!

1 min read
One-on-one meetings: What are they and how to run them?
Company culture

Read our complete guide to productive one-to-one meetings. What are they, how often you should run one-on-one meetings, and what to expect.

8 min read

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