Point Jupiter announced as winner in global agency awards

Point Jupiter announced as the winner in global agency awards

We are happy to announce that Point Jupiter is selected as one of the leading UX design agencies globally, and a leading agency in Croatia.

We are happy to announce that Point Jupiter is selected as one of the leading UX design agencies globally, and a leading UX design agency in Croatia, this November.

TDA, who awarded us this recognition, has access to more than 4800 agencies on the global market, and, naturally, we are thrilled to be selected as a leading agency in our expertise.

Web development and user experience

While this recognition emphasizes our UX design practice, we must point out that we are a product development and design agency – we put equal effort and emphasis on both the web development and design of user experiences.

Nonetheless, this is outstanding recognition for our entire team and will serve as an additional booster for our efforts.

TDA’s CEO, Goran Deak, points out:

“We are proud to celebrate leading agencies across the world – and proud to showcase them on TDA. The winners are truly the best at what they do, which, in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry, is something to really shout about.”

We agree.

As a team, we are positioning ourselves as partners for our clients who are readily contributing to a wide range of areas – from business idea generation, innovation, product envisioning, design, development, delivery, and more. Some of our clients include names like McDonald’s, World Economic Forum, Vodafone, and Twiplomacy.

And we are hiring!

If you are interested in joining our award-winning team of developers, designers, and PMs, we want to hear from you. At the moment, we are looking for frontend and backend web developers. Be sure to check out our Careers page and current openings as well as perks and benefits package we offer to all our employees. Come as you are!

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